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EU? I3 RO-002 Albarella Is. Italy Europe
EU? CS-004 Coreca rock Italy Europe
EU? LE-013 Tondo rock Italy Europe
EU? LE-026 Capperi rock Italy Europe
EU? LE-029 La Terra rock Italy Europe
EU? - Galeazza rock Italy Europe
EU? IA1 SP001 Palmaria Is. Italy Europe
EU? AT-006 De L’Aber Is. France Europe
EU? AT-100 Evens Is. France Europe
EU? MA-002 De Tatihou Is. France Europe
EU? MA-016 Grande Is. France Europe
EU? MA-059 Istan Is. France Europe
EU? NO-021 Courghain Is. France Europe
EU? - Rhinau Is. France Europe
EU? - Alkionides Is. Greece Euope
EU? - Cordovilla Is. Spain Europe
EU? N030 La Campanuca Is. Spain Europe
EU? E002 Negra Is. Spain Europe
EU? E050 Cama de los Novios Is. Spain Europe
EU? N137 Oliva Is. Spain Europe
EU? - Soto Is. Spain Europe
SA? - Baiano Is. Brazil S. America
SA? DIB048 Restinga Is. Brazil S. America
AF003 - Ascension Is. - Africa
AF004 S005 Gran Canaria Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S007 Lanzarote Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S009 Graciosa Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S012 Tenerife Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S014 La Gomera Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S015 El Hierro Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S061 Roque de Fasnia Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S068 Del Amor Is. Canarie Is. Africa
AF004 S101 Roque de Tufia Canarie Is. Africa
AF005 - Sao Tiago Capo Verde Is. Africa
AF007 - Comoros Is. (main island) - Africa
AF010 - Bioko Is. Guinea Eq. Rep. Africa
AF013 - Madagascar Is. (main island) - Africa
AF014 - Madeira Is. Portugal Africa
AF016 FR-001 Reunion Is. France Africa
AF018 IH9 TP001 Pantelleria Is. Italy Africa
AF019 IG9 AG001 Lampedusa Is. Italy Africa
AF020 - Bubaque Is. Guinea Bissau Africa
AF022   St. Helena Is. (main island) - Africa
AF023 - Sao Tomè Is. (main island) Sao Tomè Is. Africa
AF023 - Rholas Is. Sao Tomè Is. Africa
AF024 - Praslin Is. Seychelles Is. Africa
AF027 FH001 Grande Terre Is. Mayotte Africa
AF049 - Mauritius Is. (main island) - Africa
AF051 - Kassa Is. Guinea Rep. Africa
AF053 - Moucha Is. Djibouti Africa
AF057 - Nosy Menabe Is. Madagascar Is. Africa
AF086 - Ilha do Sal Capo Verde Is. Africa
AF090 - Nosy Boraha Is. Madagascar Is. Africa
AF090 - Nosy NATO Is. Madagascar Is. Africa
AN006 - Galindez Is. Antarctica Antarctica
AS003 - Sri Lanka Is. - Asia
AS004 - Cipro Is. - Asia
AS006 - Hong Kong Is. - Asia
AS007 - Honshu Is. (main island) Japan Asia
AS013 - Maldives Is. (main island) - Asia
AS020 - Taiwan Is. (main island) - Asia
EU001 - Rodi Is. Greece Europe
EU002 - Aland Is. - Europe
EU003 AZ002 Sao Miguel Is. Azores Is. Europe
EU004 E021 Maiorca Is. Balearic Is. Europe
EU004 E023 Ibiza Is. Balearic Is. Europe
EU005 - Walney Is. England Europe
EU005 - Sunk Is. England Europe
EU005 - England (main island) - Europe
EU010 OH-01 Lewis Is. (Outer Hebrides) Scotland Europe
EU010 OH-04 Bendecula Is. (Outer Hebrides) Scotland Europe
EU012 SH-01 Shetland Is. Scotland Europe
EU013 - Jersey Is. - Europe
EU014 - Corsica Is. France Europe
EU015 - Creta Is. Greece Europe
EU016 CI-142 Vis Is. Croazia Europe
EU017 ID9 ME003 Filicudi Is. (Eolie) Italy Europe
EU017 ID9 ME018 Vulcano Is. (Eolie) Italy Europe
EU017 ID9 ME019 Pollara Rock (Eolie) Italy Europe
EU018 F002 Bordoy Is. Faroe Is. Europe
EU018 F014 Streymoy Is. Faroe Is. Europe
EU021 - Iceland Is. (main island) - Europe
EU023 - Malta Is. (main island) - Europe
EU023 CI Comino Is. Malta Is. Europe
EU023 GI Gozo Is. Malta Is. Europe
EU024 - Sardinia Is. Italy Europe
EU025 - Sicily Is. Italy Europe
EU028 IA5 LI001 Elba Is. Italy Europe
EU029 SJ-008 Oroe Is. Denmark Europe
EU029 SJ-016 Falster Is. Denmark Europe
EU029 SJ-022 Askø Is. Denmark Europe
EU030 BO-001 Bornholm Is. Denmark Europe
EU031 IC8 NA002 Procida Is. Italy Europe
EU032 AT-025 Oleron Is. France Europe
EU032 AT-026 Ile de Fort Boyard France Europe
EU038 - Terschelling Is. (West Frisian group) Holland Europe
EU038 - Texel Is. (West Frisian group) Holland Europe
EU038 - Vlieland Is. (West Frisian group) Holland Europe
EU043 - Bjorko Is. Sweden Europe
EU045 IB0 LT008 Palmarola Is. Italy Europe
EU047 N-05 Norderney Is. Germany Europe
EU048 AT-017 Hoedic Is. France Europe
EU052 - Kefalonia Is. Greece Europe
EU052 - Lefkada Is. Greece Europe
EU052 - Zacynthus Is. Greece Europe
EU055 - Froya Is. Norway Europe
EU055 - Sotra Is. Norway Europe
EU060 - Evia Is. Greece Europe
EU064 AT-020 Noirmoutier Is. France Europe
EU065 AT-001 Ouessant Is. France Europe
EU067 - Antiparos Is. Greece Europe
EU067 - Sifnos Is. Greece Europe
EU067 - Syros Is. Greece Europe
EU070 ME-011 Port Cros Is. (Medit. Sea) France Europe
EU071   Vestmannaeyjar Iceland Europe
EU072 - Skiathos Is. Greece Europe
EU075 - Aegina Is. Greece Europe
EU075 - Patroklos Is. Greece Europe
EU075 - Poros Is. Greece Europe
EU080 O007 Arosa Is. Spain Europe
EU083 IA1 SP002 Tino Is. Italy Europe
EU083 IA1 SV001 Gallinara Is. Italy Europe
EU091 ID7 LE002 Grande di Porto Cesareo Is. Italy Europe
EU094 AT061 Cigogne Is. France Europe
EU094 AT062 Loc'h Is. France Europe
EU105 MA020 Vierge Is. France Europe
EU114 - Guernsey Is. - Europe
EU116 - Isle of Man - Europe
EU120 - Holy Is. England Europe
EU124 CL-06 Holy Is. (Clyde group) Scotland Europe
EU125 NS-001 Romo Is. Denmark Europe
EU131 I3 VE045 Venezia (main island) Italy Europe
EU133 SP R1A Kotlin Is. (Baltic sea group) Russia Europe
EU146 - Schouwen-Duiveland Is. (Goeree Schouwe group) Holland Europe
EU148 ME-001 Fort Brescou Is. (Medit. Sea) France Europe
EU158 - Proti Is. Greece Europe
EU166 IJ9/IT9 RG001 Porri Is. Italy Europe
EU169 - Sazan Is. Albania Europe
EU174 - Ammouliani Is. Greece Europe
EU174 - Samotracia Is. Greece Europe
EU175 AZ-003 Terceira Is. Azzorre Is. Europe
EU175 AZ-006 Pico Is. Azzorre Is. Europe
EU177 - Aspöja Is. Sweden Europe
EU179 BS-08 Kalanchack Is. Ukrain Europe
EU181 - Sveta Anastasiya Is. Bulgaria Europe
EU187 - Gavdos Is. Creta Is. Europe
NA001 - Paradise Is. Bahamas Is. North America
NA003 - Turk & Caicos Is. - North America
NA005 - Bermuda Is. - North America
NA015 - Cuba - North America
NA021 - Barbados Is. - North America
NA023 AI Anegada Is. British Virgin Is. North America
NA023 BI Beef Is. British Virgin Is. North America
NA023 TI Tortola Is. British Virgin Is. North America
NA024 - Grenada Is. - North America
NA025 - Bequia Is. S. Vincent & The Grenadines North America
NA027 NF001 Newfoundland Is. Canada North America
NA094 - St. Paul Is. - North America
NA096 - Dominican Rep. Is. - North America
NA097 - Jamaica Is. - North America
NA099 - Puerto Rico Is. - North America
NA100 - Antigua Is. - North America
NA101 - Dominica Is. - North America
NA102 FG-01 Guadeloupe Is. - North America
NA103 - Montserrat Is. - North America
NA104 - St. Kitts Is. St. Christopher & Nevis North America
NA105 - St. Marteen Is. - North America
NA105 - St. Martin Is. - North America
NA106 - Virgin Is. - North America
NA107 - Martinique Is. - North America
NA108 - St. Lucia Is. - North America
NA188 - Cacaluta Is. Mexico North America
NA224 - Enmedio Is. Mexico North America
OC001 - Australia (main island) - Oceania
OC003 - Cocos-Keeling Is. - Oceania
OC005 - Norfolk Is. - Oceania
OC015 - Tuvalu Is.   Oceania
OC022 - Bali Is. Indonesia Oceania
OC021 - Giava Is. (main island) Indonesia Oceania
OC032 FK-001 New Caledonia - Oceania
OC034 - Papua-New Guinea (main island) Indonesia Oceania
OC042 - Luzon Is. Phillipines Oceania
OC075 - Batam Is. Indonesia Oceania
OC088 - West Borneo Indonesia Oceania
OC134 - New Zealand (South island - main) - Oceania
OC146 - Celebes Is. Indonesia Oceania
OC148 - Timor Is. Indonesia Oceania
OC237 - Sempu Is. Indonesia Oceania
SA003 DIB-01 Fernando de Noronha Is. Brasile South America
SA004 - Galapagos Islands Ecuador South America
SA005 - Juan Fernandez Is. - South America
SA006 - Curaçao Is. Netherland Antilles South America
SA011 - Trinidad Is. Trinidad & Tobago South America
SA012 - Margarita Is. Venezuela South America
SA016 DIB-07 Sao Luis Is. Brasile South America
SA024 DIB-21 Comprida Is. Brasile South America
SA024 DIB-57 Cananeia Is. Brasile South America
SA026 DIB-05 Santa Catarina Is. Brasile South America
SA028 DIB-76 Vitoria Is. Brasile South America
SA036 - Aruba Is. - South America
SA039 - Lobos Is. Uruguay South America
SA056 - Cojimies Is. Ecuador South America
SA070 - S. Maria Is. Chile South America
SA071 DIB-10 Santa Amaro Is. Brasile South America
SA071 DIB-56 Arvoredos Is. Brasile South America