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Pref. Country Continent LOTA ref. Name
1 Italy Europe ITA-155 S. Vito Lo Capo
14 France Europe FRA-004 Calais
14 France Europe FRA-012 Ailly
14 France Europe FRA-154 Dunquerque W.Tower
14 France Europe FRA-335 Légué
16 Belgium Europe BEL-003 Westhinder II
16 Belgium Europe BEL-004 Nieuwpoort head main
19 The Netherlands Europe NET-024 Texel Island
19 The Netherlands Europe NET-028 Vlieland Island
21 Sweden Europe SWE287 Navel Island
31 Portugal Europe POR-006 Cabo Carvoerio
34 Canary Is. Africa CAI-022 Punta Abona
32 Chile S. America CHI-002 Monumental La Serena
47 Denmark Europe DEN-088 Udbyhoj
163 Wales Europe WAL-025 South Stack
165 Sardinia Is. Europe SAR-009 Capo Caccia
286 Juan Fernandez Is. S. America JUA-001 Punta de S. Carlos